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About Bayer Homes In this video Rick Bayer introduces himself and gives you some background info on Bayer Homes. He started the business with his brother Bob and has built and remodeled homes in the Waukesha area for the past 30 years.
Remodel Job In this video Rick shows you an example of a remodel they did in the Brookfield area. He shows you the possibilities of what someone can do with an older home after fixing up the bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

GET A FREE Consultation for your remodel project

Do you have any questions about remodeling your home? We have over 30 years of building experience and we are more than happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have.  This consultation is obligation free and we can give you great ideas and insights about the remodeling process.


  • Quality custom home builders: Bayer Homes, Inc. in Greenfield, WI has been designing and building quality crafted custom homes for more than 30 years.
  • Years of experience: The result of their knowledge and expertise is a home uniquely designed to fit each client’s needs and expectations.
  • Serving Milwaukee 6 county area:  Bayer Homes can be found throughout the six county area with recent homes in Menomonee Falls, Delafield, Cedarburg, Waukesha, New Berlin and Brookfield.
  • Excellent customer service:  The homes built by Bayer range in size from 1700 square feet to more than 7000 square feet. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail that goes into a Bayer Home and the excellent personal service each customer receives during the building process.
  • Bayer Remodel: Bayer Homes can solve your problem spaces, or add more space, depending on your needs. With our guidance we can offer solutions on how to accomplish this. Our in-house design service can create a 3-D snapshot of your new space, or addition before the work begins. Our ability to blend the old with the new creates seamless architecture.
  • Fit your budget:  he majority of the homes we build start with an in-house design to suit your needs or a modified plan to fit your lifestyle and budget. From the initial discussions through the building of your Bayer home, your new home desires are first and foremost.


  • Phase I: Initial meeting with the Buyer is to collect all existing information about the proposed house such as sketches and ideas the buyers have.

  • Phase II: Produce 1/8” scale sketch plan including floor plans, front, rear and side elevations. Floor plans will show room sizes, locations, exterior windows and doors, closets, stair/hallways, kitchen and bath layouts. The elevations will show roof style, exterior siding material, and window style.

  • Phase III: After the Buyers approval of the preliminary drawing and cost estimate, Bayer Homes will produce final ¼” = 1’-0” scale drawing of floor plans and elevations which are fully dimensioned.

  • Phase IV: Construction planning begins, so building can start immediately upon the Buyers approval of costs and obtaining permits.


  • Phase I: Site Preparation / Improvements

  • Phase II: Rough Construction

  • Phase III: Electrical / Plumbing

  • Phase IV: Drywall / Hardwood Floors

  • Phase V: Finish Carpentry

  • Phase VI: Finishing

  • Phase VII: Interior Decorating


  • Saves Time: A fairly accurate budget can be arrived at early in the process. Time and money are not wasted on detailed plans that are bid and then rebid. We stand behind our price.

  • One Stop Shopping: Your time is maximized by dealing with only one company which provides most of the choices or we’ll direct you to the right people.

  • Accountability: “The buck stops here.” We stand behind the building of your house.

  • You can get to know your builder: First on a small scale (during the design phase) this allows you the opportunity to be sure you have chosen the right builder.

  • Cost Effective: Practical construction – “Ivory Tower” ideas that are unworkable or very expensive are tested against the budget early in the process.

  • Economical Design Fees: Bayer Homes with its “in-house” design
    services can easily reduce time and money. We design your home
    to be built in the most cost effective and efficient way

  • Cohesiveness between Design and Construction: Design/build provides a “seamless” and logical transition from design to construction.


Address: 12336 W Layton Ave, Greenfield, WI 53228

Phone: (414) 529 – 4830

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